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Curiosities of the world 1 - English version


 A world full of curiosities

     If you are one of those who like languages, we will publish some news in English.

  Do you want to get into things that surprise you? Well, let's open a new thread of articles about curious websites, let's start!


Curiosities of the world. Things to discover. Let's get to it. They are sure to surprise you. (Source: qmindo / Pixabay)


     Have you ever wondered what the world was like at the time of the dinosaurs, where you live today, what its place was on the planet?  In this article you will discover this and much more. Because we are going to show you a website where you will be able to answer all these questions. 

     Following the thread of our planet, we are going to link it with a very special interactive world map. Are you a student? You will find it very useful for your studies. But also for all those who want to browse the page. What will you find? I'll explain it later. So don't miss anything, let's go on!

Click on the image. It will take you to MyWorld

A platform where to buy. Where you will find top brands. Click on the image and it will take you to Myworld. Registration is required, as with all shopping platforms. 

Let's start with the dinosaur era    


The age of dinosaurs

     Who doesn't love dinosaurs? There are very few people who do not like this world of giant animals that inhabited the earth millions of years ago. Thousands of fossil remains are still preserved today, giving us an insight into the world of yesteryear and helping us to understand the present. But we are not going to focus on fossil remains, but on images that faithfully reproduce these reptiles and what the planet was like in the millions of years they inhabited it. 

     Although we do not focus explicitly on dinosaurs, these pages that we are going to indicate below, do give us a reference of them. So sit back, relax and enjoy this exciting journey into a new unknown world. 

You can read the news at this link. 

Here you can also read another article about the same. 


Dinosaur Pictures

Click on the image to go to Dinosaur Pictures

Dinosaurs spanned many millions of years on Earth. On this website, you can see what your place was like back then (Source: DariuszSankowski / Pixabay).

     Here is a small visual guide to the website. A perfect complement if you don't know how it works. With a few tips, so you don't get lost. Enjoy your trip to the time of the dinosaurs. By the way, the page is in English, so it will be a plus for you to practice it. If you find that you don't understand it, there is always the possibility of automatic translation. 

Pdf guide of the page Dinosaur Pictures. Discover the world of dinosaurs, and your birthplace, as it was in the different eras that these beings existed (Source: original pdf by Marc Cosdán).

We continue with interactive maps of the world

Interactive maps of the world

     Here you have a new website, in which the world map is interactive. Do you know the countries of the world? And the cities of the provinces of Spain? Do you want to know map by map all the countries? Well, with this website you will be able to find out. It is a very complete website, as it has 5091 resources. Are you going to miss it?

     This website is ideal for students who need a visual reinforcement in their studies. You will find so much information that you may feel overwhelmed. Don't worry, you can look at it little by little and reinforce the contents with the games that are offered to you. You will see that there is a subdivision into continents, of which each country will be shown. And in each country you will be shown the information about it. From rivers, cities, etc... and all of it interactive. So that the experience is as enriching as possible. 

Mapas interactivos didactalia

Clicking on the image will take you to the page.

Although the world is very big, it is at the same time small. It is our home, where we can live, fulfil ourselves and grow. So in this school, we have to behave like real pupils, and respect, care for and heal it (Source: WikiImages / Pixabay).

     Don't just turn the page. Learn from each of them and enjoy a trip to the countries of the world. Discover many things, and above all, play with the thousands of resources offered by the platform. You will learn a lot with it. 

Here is a visual guide to the website. 

In this pdf you have a small guide to the website. But not everything is there. Take a look, investigate and search the whole platform. There are very interesting and educational things (Source: Marc Cosdán).

A dinosaur news thread

Dinosaur news

     And as a final point to this adventure of discovering curious, educational, and surprising pages, I leave a couple of news about dinosaurs. It is a fascinating world that may interest you, especially the latest findings, which are changing and modifying the course of our history, and how we see these great and wonderful extinct animals that lived millions of years ago. 

Through fossils we are discovering a lot of information about what dinosaurs were like, what they did, what they fed on... dinosaurs. Any finding is of vital importance to understand and know about them (Source: Steppinstars / Pixabay).

News 1 about dinosaurs. Fossilised footprints.

News 2 about dinosaurs. Bizarre fossil. 

Upcoming articles on curious websites, coming soon. Don't miss them. They will surprise you. 

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